About Us

Passionate Petal (Pty) Ltd will be a retail establishment store that will be selling women and men clothing, shoes, jewellery, handbags, women make-up and hairpieces. We will provide our customers with excellent services. Our customers will be both male and female, mostly targeted young people whole loves fashion.


The legal name of the company is Passionate Petal. The legal form of the business ownership is Private Company.


Our mission as a fashion company is to develop a highly successful and profitable business which provides quality clothing and beautiful fashion at a very affordable prices, and to become a standard for an ideal clothing and beauty business not only in Kempton Park area but also through Gauteng Province areas where we intend to expand our business.


Our vision is to be well profitable business, well financially managed, rapidly growth and multiplying business, and we will do this with dedication, patience, hard-work and positivity.


The legacy objectives for the first three years of operation include. The creation of a unique, upscale, innovative environment that will differentiate Passionate Petal (Pty) Ltd from other local clothing and beauty shops. Providing excellent quality fashion clothing and beauty products, in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and also provide friendly work environment, respecting diversity, creating and hard-work.


Siphesihle has been working as Benefits Accountant at Akani RFA on a full-time basis for the past three years and has gained so much experience under customer services, financial planning and business management. Also she has been running a town a Spaza Shop as a selfdeveloped business in the future she will take additional courses in order to raise her qualifications and provide more professional services.


Miss. Siphesihle Hadebe Qualification: ND Internal Auditing (DUT) Mobile: 065 330 5565 E-mail: info@passionatepetal.co.za

I am very committed worker, I love challenges and i have the will to succeed, i am motivated person and i have the ability to learn fast. Working under pressure and minimum / little supervision will never be as a challenge to me, I am a hard worker, passionate, consistent, and disciplined. I am easy to adapt, friendly, reliable, expressive and punctual.